“To My Peoples” – studio sessions over and out.

Cheer it up, folks! We are more than excited to announce that we have just finished the works on our next full length album:

“TO MY PEOPLES” will be released to the world until the end of the month.

It took us about 2 and half years time of songwriting, producing and recording and we’re really happy with the results. As with “Proliferation”, our previous release, everything was done by us only. The first songs came together in mid 2013, and we knew from the very beginning that this time we wanted to go for the story, to not only write loose tunes but parts of the whole: we started to relish the challenge of writing an album about what could possibly go through the minds and hearts of people involved in the madness of WW1.

As a band, this is the most collaborative and creative act we have ever dared to set up: all working to our strengths, pulling it off like never before. We enjoyed an incred-inline-blockle number of sessions and went through everything from big time paranoia to fire-starting enthusiasm.

We are very proud of what we achieved, and we really are looking forward to bringing the new songs out on the road.

PS: We have a sneak preview for you – it’s “The Whistle”. Download it HERE and enjoy.

PPS: This is the new record’s Tracklisting:

  1. Give Them Numbers
  2. The Whistle
  3. Lucifer 11-12-13
  4. Big Star
  5. The Christmas Truce
  6. Zlatorog
  7. Do What You Want
  8. Flip Flop Flip Flop
  9. Sevdalinka



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