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“The Beacon” is out now.

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The Lyrics Video for "The Beacon", first single off our next album "Haunted", is now out on our Youtube Channel. Go ahead and CHECK IT OUT. https://youtu.be/zlOray1d6DI

“Zlatorog” Video Release

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Our newest video for „Zlatorog“ is released today. We thank everybody at Skinny Jeans Film & Media, Zulu the lightman, all the actresses and actors and everybody else who was involved in making this come to life. We are so proud and hope you enjoy the feature.

Photo Shooting for our new album

Our friends at Dr. Zook Production made a nice behind the scenes video during our latest photo shooting. Have a sneak preview of us talking about the recording process, our music, our influences …and some nonsense also... Thanks for your support and don’t forget to subscribe to our Youtube-Channel!

A little preview of our upcoming record

The release date of our new record is getting closer, we're busy mixing and listening and mixing and listening again. As a little preview of the final release, here's "Give them Numbers" performed live at Vienna's Replugged Club. Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube-channel!

The Furrow Live

filmed at our support gig for Lisa Cuthbert at Viennas Replugged Club. A DrZook Production

Let the recordings begin

Im neuen Proberaum ist es schon recht gemütlich, alles ist verkabelt, wir sind bereit: Let the recordings begin! Die ersten Takes für unsere neue Platte.