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“Zlatorog” Video Release

Exit by Form
Our newest video for „Zlatorog“ is released today. We thank everybody at Skinny Jeans Film & Media, Zulu the lightman, all the actresses and actors and everybody else who was involved in making this come to life. We are so proud and hope you enjoy the feature.

A little preview of our upcoming record

The release date of our new record is getting closer, we're busy mixing and listening and mixing and listening again. As a little preview of the final release, here's "Give them Numbers" performed live at Vienna's Replugged Club. Don't forget to subscribe to our youtube-channel!

Let the recordings begin

Im neuen Proberaum ist es schon recht gemütlich, alles ist verkabelt, wir sind bereit: Let the recordings begin! Die ersten Takes für unsere neue Platte.