Out September 28th

Producing, Mixing, Mastering….

So viele Entscheidungen zu treffen. Aber eins ist ganz sicher: Wir brauchen unbedingt MEHR COW-BELL!
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new guest vocalist http://t.co/ElfXQvxC

new guest vocalist http://t.co/ElfXQvxC
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trick or beat http://t.co/9qqjUWrX

trick or beat http://t.co/9qqjUWrX
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schnitzel hard in schleissheim…2 hours be4 takeo…

schnitzel hard in schleissheim...2 hours be4 takeoff http://t.co/jlCvYBUp
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11.10.2019 Fürstenfeldbruck, GER Subkultur Subkultur
18.10.2019 Vienna, AUT F23.wir.fabriken F23.wir.fabriken
30.11.2019 Vienna, AUT Arena Beisl Arena Beisl
13.12.2019 Graz, AUT Club Wakuum Club Wakuum



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To My Peoples (2016)

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Proliferation (2013)

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Exit by Form

Exit by Form is a Dark Progressive Band from Vienna, Austria. The Band was founded 2010 by former members of Thal, a Viennese Underground band.
Exit by Form’s trademarks are its epic and transcendent style of music, energetic and intense live shows and its dark and startling image.
The band rose to awareness in the Underground scene after their debut album in 2013. The 2016 follow up album made them
more popular to an international audience thanks to consistent touring through Austria, Italy and the Balkans.
In early 2019 they moved back into the studio to record their current piece of music: „Haunted“, to be released on September 28th, 2019.

Stevie Gruber – Vox, Git
Achim Guth – Git, Keys, Vox
Dogda Gerstbrein – Bass
Mario A. Pagani – Drums